Native Bitcoin

What is Native Bitcoin? Native Bitcoin also known as Native or NBTC is more than just a token! It is a new community that was born out of the need for a decentralized bitcoin within Ethereum. How can you get NBTC? Currently there are several ways... The best way is to buy miners! Miners are collectibles and we will deliver rewards in order to generate NBTC liquidity in the market! NBTC can be also bought or sold using decentralized exchanges. And some of NFTS have the power to generate passive income! What are the benefits of having NBTC? First, Its price. Once all tokens have been sold, as long as we have more demand than supply, we can expect a significant increase in price. Also you can start generating passive income with them as liquidity providers! How many rewards will each miner will receive? Native miners only once. And the super miners will generate passive income. That is why we recommend buying always NEW miners. But you better not sell them. Since each miner is even more scarce! And if it is any time we carry out any airdrop, it will be for those who have the NFT miners or super miners.

Add NBTC to your wallet. Contract: 0xCa1212450630A982Cd5b67912fb431944fd71783 Total Supply: 22,000,000 NBTC FAQ Where can I buy miners? You can buy NFTs at If I buy a second hand super miner, will I be able to earn Native passive income? No. Rewards at NBTC are only given to new miners. If you want to buy a second-hand miner you only get the collectible. Follow us on twitter! @Native_Bitcoin